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Dental issues deprive you of eating and drinking due to an increase in pain and, in some cases, inflammation. Many treatments are available to fix your dental issues, and Booval Dental will help you diagnose the problem. Furthermore, proper treatment is available for each individual. To learn about dental filling, keep reading this blog. 

What is Dental Filing?

A process in which different types of materials are used to fill broken and damaged teeth is known as dental filling or teeth fillings. It helps recover the hole in the teeth to stop bacteria from entering and hiding in the teeth. 

Types of Dental Filling

Composite Resins Filling

Composite resins are white, tooth-coloured dental fillings used to cover the decayed part of the tooth. They’re glued on your teeth like bonding to hide the open area of the teeth. The natural structure is maintained throughout the treatment because less part of the tooth is replaced to fill the composite resins, and due to this, the natural look of the teeth remains. The composite resin filling is not visible to other people as it is similar to the colour of the teeth.

Porcelain And Gold Fillings

Porcelain and gold fillings are known as inlay and are used to fill teeth that are broken or decayed. They are prepared in the dental laboratory because of the time required to prepare them. Porcelain and gold fillings are long-lasting and take time– maybe two dental visits to complete the treatment.  


Amalgam is a mixture of copper, zinc, and tin in a silver-coloured filling material. The amalgam is the most ancient method to fill the void of teeth, and it has a longer lifespan than other dental fillings. Previously, Amalgam was the dentist’s most recommended dental filling. However, nowadays, dentists don’t prefer amalgam because a larger part of the tooth needs to be cut down for the filling to adjust in the tooth. 

Temporary Filling

Sometimes, dental treatment takes more than two clinical sittings to complete. During these sittings, the dentist puts temporary dental fillings on the surface of the teeth. The temporary filling is removed for a short time to protect the open area of teeth from bacteria and infection.  

Glass-Ionomer Cement

It is a fluoride dental filling used to fill the gap, hole, or void in teeth. It includes many things, but it mostly helps with fissure sealants and temporary fillings. 


Dental filling can fill the void in your teeth, which can cause harm to your oral cavity. If the void of teeth is left untreated, it will be detrimental to oral health and overall health. Dental Booval welcomes patients of all ages to fix their dental filling issues in Australia. Consult them because they’re dedicated to bringing a smile to your face.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which dental filling should I choose?

Consult your orthodontist about choosing dental fillings because the expert will guide you well after examining your mouth’s condition.

What to do if the dental filling is damaged during treatment?

You should book an appointment with the dentist Raceview to fix the dental filling. Don’t leave the void of teeth empty for too long, as it can attract bacteria and infections.

Does it hurt to get dental fillings?

It doesn’t hurt when you’re going through the treatment because the dentist will apply anaesthesia to relax your nerves and avoid pain.