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Dental issues are concerning because they negatively affect the overall health of the human body. Timely treatment is essential because if it’s left untreated, the condition worsens. If you live in Australia and face dental problems, you should immediately visit your dentist Booval. Sometimes, people experience holes and empty spaces, which are called cavities, that need proper treatment. Dental filling is the ultimate solution for cavities with the help of a dental expert. This blog deals with a detailed description of the material a dental filling is composed of.   

What is A Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a material used to fill the cavities and their spaces or holes, ultimately protecting the enamel and gums from erosion. 

Type Of Material 

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resins are tooth-coloured dental fillings that are white in colour and are used to mask tooth decay. They are bonded onto your teeth to cover up the exposed tooth region. Because less of the tooth is changed to fill in composite resins, the natural structure of the teeth is preserved throughout the course of treatment, maintaining the teeth’s natural appearance. Because the composite resin filling matches the colour of the teeth, it is invisible to others.

Porcelain Fillings

Inlays, also known as porcelain and gold fillings, are used to fix broken or rotting teeth. They are prepared at the dental laboratory, as they require a lot of time. Two dental visits may be necessary for porcelain and gold fillings to last a lifetime.  

Amalgam Filling

Amalgam is a copper, zinc, and tin blend in a silver-coloured filling fabric. It is the foremost ancient strategy to fill the void of teeth, and it has a longer life expectancy than other dental fillings. Already, Amalgam was the dentist’s most suggested filling. However, dental specialists do not prefer amalgam these days since a larger portion of the tooth must be cut down for the filling to alter within the tooth. 

Temporary Fillings

In some cases, dental treatment takes more than two clinical sittings to total. Amid these sittings, the dental specialist puts brief dental fillings on the surface of the teeth. The brief filling is evacuated for a brief time to ensure the open range of teeth from microscopic organisms and contamination.

Glass-Ionomer Cement

It is a fluoride dental filling used to fill a hole, gap, or void in teeth. It incorporates numerous things but mostly makes a difference with gap sealants and transitory fillings. 


In conclusion, dental fillings made of amalgam, porcelain, composite, and glass-ionomer are used to fill the gaps in teeth formed due to cavities. Thus, to bring a smile to your face, Booval Dental in Australia is welcoming their patients. They are dedicated to bringing a bright smile to your face along with the pearly whites. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is dental filling an expensive dental treatment?
It depends on the type of material you’re using to treat the empty spaces in cavities. Gold filling is the most expensive of all types of dental fillings due to its material.

What should you do if the dental filling is damaged?

Dental fillings are long-lasting, but they can be damaged by various causes, such as poor diet, smoking, and drinking. To refill the dental filling immediately, consult your dentist Raceview

Can I refill my dental fillings?

If, by any chance, your dental fillings become empty, then you can refill the cavities by consulting your dental expert.