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Sensitive teeth are the starting point for various dental problems. They can even make your routine tasks difficult to handle and increase pain. It is crucial to maintain dental hygiene for healthy teeth. At this point, you may want to know how to treat sensitive teeth. If so, then continue reading this blog till the end. So, let’s get started.

Causes of Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity can be due to any reason; however, some common causes include aggressive brushing, gum recession, tooth decay, bruxism, cracked teeth, loose filling, exposed tooth roots, teeth whitening treatments, acidic mouthwashes, dental abscesses or enamel layer damage.

10 Ways to Treat Sensitive Teeth

Keep your teeth clean.

The best method to treat sensitive teeth is clean and healthy teeth. Brush and floss your teeth two times a day and use antiseptic mouthwashes to deal with the pain.

Use only soft toothbrushes.

It is common that harsh brushing leads to enamel layer damage and sensitivity. Dentists recommend using soft toothbrushes in a circular motion with gentle hands.

Desensitising toothpaste

Toothpaste choice significantly helps in reducing sensitivity and plaque removal. Consider desensitising toothpaste; it contains potassium salt that helps eliminate tooth sensitivity. 

Avoid acidic drinks

Tooth sensitivity often gets worse due to teeth interaction with acidic drinks. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, prioritise avoiding acidic beverages. Acidic food items elevate pain and sensitivity. 

Fluoride or Turmeric toothpaste 

Switching to herbal toothpaste helps to lessen pain and sensitivity. Fluoride and turmeric toothpaste are effective in eliminating tooth sensitivity.

Make a saltwater mouthwash.

Salt contains natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties and is most effective for decreasing inflammation and pain due to sensitivity.

Swish with clove or coconut oil.

Another amazing remedy for sensitive teeth is swishing with coconut or clove oil. They have natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and are best for managing tooth sensitivity.

Hydrogen peroxide rinse 

Hydrogen peroxide rinse helps to minimise inflammation and pain. Hydrogen peroxide contains natural antiseptic properties that help to treat sensitivity.

Avoid problematic foods and beverages.

Some food items and beverages should be avoided to manage teeth sensitivity, such as extremely hot and cold or acidic or citric foods.

Drink acidic beverages through a straw.

Sometimes, if you need to drink or take acidic drinks, consider using a straw to avoid contact with your teeth. Doing this will help to minimise the teeth’ sensitivity.

Visit Your Dentist

Whether you have mild tooth sensitivity or severe sensitivity, the best approach is to visit your dentist Ipswich for sensitive teeth treatment. A professional dentist will evaluate your teeth’ condition and offer you the most suitable treatment for your teeth requirements.


Healthy teeth are the key factor for a captivating smile. Maintaining dental hygiene up to the mark is crucial to avoid various dental problems. Tooth sensitivity often becomes the root cause of multiple tooth problems and dental emergencies. If you are facing tooth sensitivity or any other dental problem, consider booking your appointment with our “Booval Dental” professionals. They are always available to treat you and take you out of pain.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you get rid of sensitive teeth?

Home remedies like swishing with clove oil, salt water rinse, and herbal toothpaste help sensitive teeth. Additionally,  

Can tooth sensitivity go away?

Tooth sensitivity can go away on its own in certain cases, but it is impossible in each case. It greatly depends on the reason for sensitive teeth. It is important to visit your dentist Bundama for a proper checkup.

Why are my teeth so sensitive all of a sudden?

Teeth sensitivity is a common problem faced by individuals. It can be any dental accident, weak enamel layer, tooth decay, poor brushing technique, periodontal diseases or dental emergency such as dental restorations.  

Can sensitive teeth be normal?

Yes, sensitive teeth can be normal only if you ensure proper check-ups and treatment. Furthermore, oral health maintenance such as regular brushing and flossing or using saltwater rinse can elevate the pain of tooth sensitivity.