BOOVAL Dental is truly a family dental practice and is making its mark in the local area.

In the past three years it has grown to provide better service to Ipswich families, but has not lost that personal connection and care that is the highest priority to practice owner and dentist Dr Chris Le.

Booval Dental is a practice that is focused on making the experience positive for all ages.

“I have been practising for nine years and have been in the Ipswich area since I graduated,” Dr Le said.

At the time of opening the practice, his wife was expecting their first child.

“I still have patients who ask how the three-year-old is. It is great that we have that kind of connection and we are all growing together,” he said.

This is not just some throwaway line, it is a genuine attitude towards this practice.

In fact Dr Le wants to keep this practice small so that it never loses this level of care and warmth that he believes is a major contributor to defusing fears and anxiety associated with going to the dentist.

The practice is in a familiar building in South Station Rd, Booval. Opposite the family care pharmacy, the stately building has been carefully restored to its former glory.

“I wanted to find a place that was homely and with some historic value. I looked for old photographs and talked to a local barber who could tell me about the bay windows. It took me six to eight months to restore,” he said.

Dr Le has installed the state-of-the-art equipment including digital cameras, x-rays, laser equipment and so on.

“It is not all about promoting all of the services, it is about having the right equipment and services that will ensure patients are helped,” he said.

Dr Le said the technology often made treatment less traumatic for those who are fearful.

“I see dentistry as providing the full service – not shuffling someone off to see another practitioner unless it is necessary. Patients can come here, within reason, and have the work carried out by me,” he said.

This philosophy is obvious in his day-to-day practice. Dr Le is interested in ensuring patients feel comfortable, fully informed with what treatment is required and to take time to get to know each person.

Booval Dental is a preferred provider for Medibank Private and MBF. Dr Le carries out all general and cosmetic dental work.

Dr Le said that he did a lot of work with children and took the time for them to get comfortable.

“I explain what I am doing and I give all people time.”

The surgery now has two additional dentists who have joined the team. The surgery aims to see all patients with toothaches and other dental emergency within 24 hours.

“I have heard horror stories for people who are in considerable pain and left for weeks. That is not what we expect for people in this practice,” he said.

A recent addition is having visiting orthodontist, Dr Angelo Cavallaro.

“This allows our younger patients to have all their orthodontic needs looked after without travelling to Brisbane or elsewhere.” Dr Le said.

“People are getting better at oral hygiene and phobias are being reduced,” he said.

“I find that I can get people to look after their teeth, have any appropriate treatment and then come back every six months for a check-up. Most often there is nothing to be done and this prevention is very satisfying,” Dr Le said.

Booval Dental is open from 8am to 5.30pm each day through the week and 8am to about 2.30pm on Saturdays.